Fariba Vafi was born in Tabriz in north-western Iran on January 21, 1963. She launched In the Heart of the Stage, her first collection of short stories, in the fall of 1996. That was followed, three years later, by Even When We Laugh, a collection of 22 short stories. Her first novel, My Bird, came out in 2002 and won the award for top novel from the “Golshiri Foundation” and “Yalda Literary Award” later in the same year. It also picked up accolades from “Mehregan Adab Award” and “Isfahan Literary Award”. My Bird is already on its 30th reprint.  

This novel has been translated into English, Italian,Spanish, German and Kurdish Sorani and Turkish. In 2003 her Tarlan, a novel, hit the bookstore shelves and secured an accolade from “Isfahan Literary Award”. This novel has been translated into German in 2015 and won “LiBerature” prize in 2017.

Two years later The Dream of Tibet has been translated into Kurdish Sorani and German, for which she won the top prize of the “Golshiri Foundation” and an accolade from “Mehregan Adab”. In 2007 she published A secret in Alleys which has already been translated into French and Norwegian. In the early 2009 her On the Way to the Villa, a collection of short stories, was launched; and a year later she released her short story collection All the Horizon that became the featured book of the year in “Tabriz festival” and also she released her novel The Moon is Getting Full in the same year.

Her recent novel After the End has been published in 2014. NO Wind, NO Oar is her last book which has been published in 2016. In all, her literary career has thus far seen the release of five collections of stories and six novels as well as publication of short stories in various literary journals. Some of her short stories have been translated into Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic,Icelandic, etc.